Eastman Nibley Hatch, 1927-2013

Eastman Nibley Hatch

The Chamber Music Society of Logan was Eastman Hatch's idea. After returning from a sabbatical in Germany in 1981, he gathered some friends and they started an informal organization whose aim was to bring high-quality chamber music to Logan. We today are the beneficiaries of their pioneering efforts.

Eastman was born in Salt Lake City to Joseph Eastman Hatch and Florence Nibley Hatch, both originally from Logan. In his youth, Eastman developed a lifelong interest in classical music and showed early promise as a pianist. After graduating from high school and serving in the Navy, he decided to pursue nature's elegance through physics. This led him to graduate study at Caltech, and a career of prestigious awards and appointments. He married Anne Clawson of Salt Lake City in 1952, and they raised three children. Anne and Eastman's spirit of adventure would take their family to many fascinating places throughout the world. In 1969, they found themselves back in Utah, where Eastman joined the faculty of Utah State University. During his 18 years at USU, he taught countless students, serving also as department head and later as dean of the graduate school. Alongside his many professional achievements, Eastman found time for building his local community, lending significant support not only to CMSL, but also to the Stokes Nature Center, Sunshine Terrace, and Rotary International.